Our commitment to sustainability aligns with our ESG framework and incorporates the spirit of our vision and values to support our corporate mission.

At Maravai, we are committed to improving the sustainability of our operations, empowering our stakeholders, and building resilience by fostering a culture of innovation, inclusion and collaboration.

Our ESG practices are fundamental to realizing our vision of a world where scientists are limited only by the boundaries of their imaginations – and where we can expand those boundaries for every vaccine, therapeutic and diagnostic company on the planet.

Our 2022 ESG report

Beginning with our inaugural report for 2021, we committed to sharing our ESG performance annually. This report outlines our core initiatives and performance metrics for the 2022 fiscal year and covers the facilities we operated during the reporting period. Contact:

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Environmental stewardship

Sustainable operations

We can improve the sustainability of our operations by promoting innovation and collaboration to reduce our impact on the environment and achieve sustainable growth. Our approach to environmental stewardship involves a combination of sustainability strategies, such as reducing our emissions, waste, water and energy use while continuously improving our data management processes and reporting practices.

  • Transparency: We enhanced transparency by measuring our environmental footprint and reporting our Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, energy, waste and water consumption.
  • Reducing emissions: We use renewable energy from solar panels and provide electric vehicle charging stations at our headquarters.
  • Reducing energy: We incorporate features such as LED lighting, low flow fixtures and solar panels into projects to reduce energy consumption.
  • Reducing waste: We made investments to promote our enterprise-wide recycling program refined our data-collection processes and added organic waste recycling.

Human capital & social impact

Operating a sustainable business begins with our people

We can empower our stakeholders by increasing engagement, supporting their health and wellness and embedding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) best practices into our social policies, recruitment practices, training program and community investments. Our commitment to people is what drives our human capital management and community engagement strategies, which focus on health and wellness, advancing DEI and promoting STEM education.

  • Diversity, equity & inclusion: Our CEO signed the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge, and we are taking action to foster a more inclusive culture.
  • Gender parity: We launched our first Employee Resource Group, Women in Leadership, and we have an executive leadership team that is 50% women.
  • Employee engagement: We received a 91% participation rate in our company-wide survey with 92% of respondents indicating they understand how their work contributes to the Company’s goals.
  • Community investments: The Maravai LIfeSciences Foundation made donations of $365,000, and our team members donated nearly 400 hours of community service to 45 nonprofit organizations.

Governance leadership

Business resilience

We can promote sustainable leadership, strategic risk management and effective governance structures by developing cross-functional partnerships to drive collaboration and accountability to achieve ESG objectives and build resilience.